Our ancestors often erected chapels and martyrs in fulfillment of a vow they had taken when danger threatened. If, however, an accident had occurred, a cross was erected at the place in question. There is a wealth of small monuments here and each one has its own history.


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0 km Starting point is at the parish church Rohrbach-Berg.

We cross the church square and follow Berggasse up to Grimshof, the former Meierhof of Berg Castle.

Above this courtyard was once the castle of the Counts Rödern, remembered by the castle walls and the castle gate.

At the Mitterweg we turn right and after approx.

30 m left into the mountain path.

Soon afterwards, at Holzstadl, you turn left and continue uphill across the meadow.

Pass the Schenkkapelle, the Kriegnerkapelle and the "Schickanus" above.

At the edge of the forest you walk uphill over the exposed, historical stone steps (presumably, like the Schikanus, from the year 1730) and will soon be at the road leading up to the pilgrimage church.

Before we go to the pilgrimage church at the top of the mountain, we turn left to the Lourdes chapel with the devil's stone.

The road leads steeply upwards.

On the right we see the statue of St.

John Nepomuk on a beautifully worked stone pedestal.

Beside the Benefiziatenstöckl there is a statue of St.

Nicholas under a mighty deciduous tree.

940 m At the summit we already see the pilgrimage church Maria Trost.

Since it was founded, it has been a popular attraction for pilgrims, excursionists and contemplative hikers.

On the northern side of the pilgrimage church a few steps lead up to the Maria Hilfkapelle.

We continue to the Maria Schneekapelle, which stands next to the path that leads along the steep eastern slope below the church.

This old pilgrimage path leads us to the Holy Sepulchre.

The Kreuzwegsteig leads into the wider path, which comes directly from the pilgrimage church.

We turn left to the edge of the forest.

When we leave the forest, we stand in front of the plague column on the mountain.

We walk 1.6 km downhill on the left to the Mosthütte, a snack station with a garden.

Along the guest garden we keep to the left and after approx.

100 m we reach the edge of the forest, shortly before the Geretschläger chapel.

In the forest we turn right.

Past the Warth Chapel.

We continue along the beautiful forest path to the place where a path leads down to the left to the 3.1 km Buchet chapel (built in 1675).

Below the Buchet Chapel the path leads into a wider forest path.

We follow this to the right and further downhill to the house "Hofer".

Now we have left the forest and follow the asphalted road to the left until we reach the junction with the old road to Haslach.

We turn left, cross the tracks of the Mühlkreisbahn and reach the cross at the level crossing.

A path leads us to the place near the fishponds, where it continues up the river on the left in the shady forest.

Follow the red-white-red tree markings and leave the forest and turn left into the asphalt road.

After about 100 m you leave this road again and go left uphill towards the forest, cross the tracks of the Mühlkreisbahn and come to the fitness boards.

Straight ahead the path leads to the Mosthütte.

However, we take the forest path on the right (do not overlook the junction).

When we reach the forest road, we come across the Panoramaweg and the Kirsteig.

To the right through the forest we continue the hike.

At the end of the forest the path turns into an asphalt road.

Shortly afterwards we cross the railway track again.

(Shortcut possible: before crossing left along the Güterweg steeply uphill over the Pfaffenberg to the town square).

We continue the hike along the slope along a beautiful dirt road.

Before the dirt road plunges into the forest, we go steeply uphill to the left at the edge of the forest.

(Here also the Kirsteig leaves us, which leads to Fürling and further into the Kollonödt; where there is a connecting path to Schlägl and Aigen) We cross the railway track again and reach the ridge.

Here you can enjoy wonderful views.

We march 8.2 km left along the crest and past the Liberation Cross (erected in memory of the withdrawal of the Russian occupying soldiers in 1955).

Shortly afterwards we arrive at a striking spot, the 9.0 km Pest Column on Pfaffenberg.

Now we return to the starting point via the Berggasse on the right.

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