Easy mountain hike on forest roads and a well-marked path; a short exposed and secured spot requires sure-footedness and a head for heights.


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Kasberg - that sounds like spicy bread topping.

But the name has nothing to do with cheese and also nothing with a Kaser (alpine hut).

It derives from an Old High German word root, which means as much as "Kar".

And also geologically the massif is unique: The Gutensteiner limestones of the summit area are deposited on younger dolomite layers, so they were "pushed over" in the course of the alpine unfolding.

But that's why hardly anyone climbs the Kasberg - they all come because of the wonderful view from the summit, which captivates above all by the unhindered panoramic view of the north faces of the Totes Gebirge rising up opposite.

So we walk full of anticipation on the forest road over a wooded hill into the valley between the Farrenaubühel and the Jagerspitz (ski lifts).

Continue in the area of the ski slope and the cable car to the Kasbergalm with the Sepp-Huber hut - on the old path no.

431 you can shorten a road bend and cross the Benn Nock, secured by avalanche barriers.

Then follow path no.

431 further south through the pastures to the rear of the Kars, where it turns left.

The short exposed spot in a slit over steep south cliffs can easily be outwitted with the help of steel ropes.

Then you walk over a wide mountain pine ridge into another hollow.

The view becomes ever wider; in the west one already sees the Traunstein.

Finally, we climb to the right over the slope to the summit cross.

Descent on the same route, difficult orientation in fog in the summit area, resting places: Hochberghaus, Sepp-Huber-Hütte.