From the Spitaler Stiftskirche you walk to the cemetery to the Huf- & Hackenschmiede Lindermayr and further to the Ochsenwald chapel and find numerous small monuments along the way.


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The former court smithy of the Spital am Pyhrn monastery was established in the period after 1300 by commercial traffic to and from Venice.

The famous blacksmith Andreas Ferdinand Lindermayr still worked for the hospital.

He was apprenticed to his grandfather.

The artistic lines of the wrought-iron final grid in the collegiate church, completed by him in 1734, became famous.

The walk begins in the collegiate church of Spital am Pyhrn, the cathedral at Pyhrn at the choir final grid.

At the exit of the church, walk around the parsonage on the left-hand side of the grid and you will reach the gate at the ossuary, from where you continue behind the monastery to the parking lot at the Sparkasse.

Turn right here towards Stiftsteich and take the path on the left in front of it.

Continue straight on until you reach the church of St.

Leonhard, where you will reach the cemetery via Stige.

Walk along the street until you reach the Gemeidne amt and turn right into Weinmeisterstraße to Huf- & Hackenschmiede Lindermayr.

Then follow the Weinmeisterstraße to its end and you will reach the Weinmeister Kapelle on both sides of the railway bridge.

Follow the road to Grünau where you will find the Grünauer Kapelle at the beginning of the Bosruck Güterweg.

Now follow the Bosruck road uphill, past the exit of the Klamma and then turn right following the signs for Arlingsattel.

You will then arrive directly at your destination, the Ochsenwald Chapel.Stations:- Choir end grille in the former collegiate church- Grille at the ossuary (north side of the collegiate church)- Grave crosses at the cemetery near the St.

Leonhard Church- Lindermayr Experience and Show Forge (Hoof and Hack Forge)- Wine Master Chapel- Grünauer Chapel- Ochsenwald Chapel