Cheeky goblins await children in Steinbach am Attersee. Those who pause at the stations on the Goblin Trail and take a moment can peer into the fir trees next to the goblins and read their stories themselves or listen to them via the audio book function.


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From the Steinbacher Landungssteg directly at the Attersee up to the Hausmühle we are accompanied by goblins, good house and nature spirits.

They feel comfortable in the middle of the nature park Attersee-Traunsee and are looking forward to many children visiting them.

Start is at the landing stage, where king and princess welcome us and send us on the journey.

Along our way we meet other goblins such as painter master Pinselstrich and goblin pupil Lumpi.

Also behind the elementary school at the playground goblins cavort and play together with us children.

From there you continue along the Steinbach through the tunnel under the Großalmstraße to the Hausmühle.

(There are guided tours every Tuesday from mid-July to mid-September at 6 p.m.) At some stations behind the Christmas tree there is a goblin story of" "Marie Mohn, a Steinbach author of romance novels and fantasy novels.

If you want the goblin stories to be read to you comfortably, scan the QR code at the stories or follow the respective link.

Route length approx.

1 km; walking time depends on how long you stay or play at the individual stations.