You will pass the Böhmerwald Golf Park, hike through magnificent forest areas and reach the border with Bavaria. Enjoy the beautiful views you will see again and again.


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0 km You start the hike at the car park opposite the Gasthof "Meraner Kutscherstadl" and leave the village towards the west.

Before the petrol station turn into the settlement road "Eichenweg", which then becomes a dirt road.

After a short stretch of woodland, cross the 1.6 km Julbach-Bräuerau road and turn into the Güterweg, which branches off to the right and then leads uphill.

You will come to a chapel where you turn left.

The Böhmerwald Golf Park (magnificent view of the Böhmerwald) is on the edge.

The path now leads through the forest and after 3.3 km you come to the Julbach-Bräuerau road.

Turn left.

Shortly afterwards, at the Wartehütte, turn right in the direction of Kleinsagberg.

You cross the small mill and then turn right uphill on the asphalt road to the 4.0 km scattered settlement of Kleinsagberg.

Always following the signs, you cross the forest, which then leads into a meadow path.

On the right you can see the Grenzlandmilchhof (4 farmers have joined forces to manage their farms together).

However, you turn left and head towards the forest.

The path leads through a beautiful beech forest, which then leads you to the "Pomeissling" - an enchanting clearing - where there used to be plant beds of the surrounding farms.

You cross these and enter an exemplary Plenterwald (mixed forest with trees of all development stages next to each other).

By felling only single logs, increased incidence of light and thus natural rejuvenation is possible).

7,0 km You reach the Schiffler Kapelle.

In 1880 a chapel was built instead of the old ship's picture, a picture of the Mother of God, to which pilgrimages had always been made.

Now you walk 15 minutes on a piece of asphalt to 8.0 km Kohlstatt.

Wonderful view to Bavaria and the Bohemian Forest.

Half of the hike is over here now, you deserve a break at the Gasthof Greiner.

The name Kohlstatt comes from Köhlerstätte, i.e.

charcoal was burned here in Meilern.

Follow the signs and walk alternately along forest and meadow paths until you reach the 9.4 km Waldkaiser.

There the path leads into a small, barely used road.

After approx.

300 m, turn left and follow the path which, after a piece of forest, leads into a gravel farm road, which you follow after 11.3 km Hinterschiffl.

Here you meet the Guckerweg (path no.


However, you take the path to the left in the opposite direction of the Guckerweg.

After a short stretch of asphalt, you will see the "Streusiedlung Heinrichsberg" watch station.

Here the path joins the dirt road on the right.

Keep walking on this one.

You will get to the next lookout stations "Böhmerwaldblick" and "Julbachblick".

On the rest of the way you will have wonderful views of Julbach, the Zwischenmühl ridge and the Bohemian Forest before your eyes.

Always downhill to the crossing of the 14,3 km river Kleine Mühl.

Over the meadow now uphill to the starting point 14.8 km Julbach. "Request our hiking map for EUR 3,00 and the hiking diary for EUR 5,00!