A steep variant of Águila which gets you to the Stadium lift.









Granados is a run on the southerly face of the mountain and which is normally good in the morning.

You can catch Granados coming from the Águila or the diagonal Cauchiles. This steep piste is a great opportunity for intermediate skiers to test themselves before making the jump to a black piste. Half way down the run, it is crossed by a cross country trail, so be careful at the cross and don’t run over someone! The final part of the piste is wide and steep, as it is very regular it is great for making carving turns - this is why it is used for GS competitions. In this area next to Cauchiles, all runs are very similar to each other.

After a good snowfall you can have great fun skiing on the terrain between pistes. It’s only for experts skiers and it is not very crowded. Ramp: 395 m Length: 1394 m Surface: 58240 m2