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Hardly anything has become rarer and more valuable in our overheated performance society than time and leisure.

The hectic pace, the vast amount of digital communication and the compulsion to be available everywhere and at all times, increases the desire to leave everything behind and switch off.

More than two thousand years ago, philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Epicurus taught that man needs "otium" - the divine leisure to be in harmony with himself.

Enjoy the peace and quiet on the path of deceleration.

At the numerous ancient power places and vantage points, beautiful rest benches invite you to linger.

Where it was not possible to set up rest benches, use your seatdeckerl and sit in the shade of the large old trees or on the ancient stone blocks from the granite of the Šumava.

Stop for a moment and feel the strengthening energy - you will leave the Bohemian Forest well rested.

You can also arrange your hike individually and choose the stages that seem most interesting to you.

All stages have one thing in common: as soon as you leave the villages, you are surrounded by the tranquillity of nature.

Hike through the varied landscape and discover something new every day.

From the valleys of the Grosse, Kleinen and Steinernen Mühl up to the Böhmerwaldkamm nature offers a lot of variety.1.

Stage: Aigen-Schlägl - Haslach 19 km2.

Stage: Haslach - Rohrbach-Berg 15 km3.

Stage: Rohrbach-Berg - Niederkraml 19 km4.

Stage: Niederkraml - Kohlstatt 18 km5.

Stage: Kohlstatt - Schwarzenberg 19 km6.

Stage: Schwarzenberg - logging 16 km7.

Stage: Holzschlag - Hintenberg 15 km8.

Stage: Hintenberg - Aigen-Schlägl, 14 kmThe detailed route description contains the descriptions of all stages, as well as much more information about the power places on the way and the history of the places.