On you and you with our treesThe 58 km long circular hiking trail is dedicated to the topic of "tree medicine". Thirty panels provide information about the healing power, mythology and effects of trees. Tree medicine basically heals with the vitality of trees. Parts of plants are also used in folk medicine, homeopathy, Bach flower therapy and of course in traditional European medicine. The oak leaf was chosen as the symbol of the path, as the oak stands for strength and endurance.



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The circular hiking trail with a total length of 58 km is optimal to walk in three days with stages of about 20 km.

If you like, you can also walk the trail in two days.

Overnight accommodations along the route offer the possibility of an individual arrangement of the hike.

If you prefer to stay overnight with only one accommodation provider, you can take a taxi to the starting point or have it picked up from the end point of each stage.

Some of them are freely accessible, such as the Waxenberg castle ruins and the Wendenstein.

If you would like a guided tour and inspection (Burg Piberstein, Denkmalhof Unterkagererhof), please contact the responsible operators in advance and make an appointment.

The sanctuary of the Maria Rast forest chapel can be seen from the outside, but if you wish to enter the church, you can borrow the key from the Afiesl/Schönegg municipal office or from Barbara Jantschge "Zur Rastbank".

About five minutes away from the forest chapel - follow the signs - you will find the source of the "Holy Water", which is supposed to help with eye problems.

The water rises from the lap of a statue of the Virgin Mary in a wooden spring house.