The historical circular trail - hiking on the border between Austria and South Tyrol.


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From the ""Krimml Tauernhaus you hike to the end of the Krimml Achental valley.

On this way you pass some alpine pastures - among others the ""Jaidbachalm, which runs a show dairy.

Directly at the Innerkeesalm the hiking trail branches off to the right in the direction of Birnlücke, on this one crosses the Krimmler Ache in the area of the alp.

Now it goes up in serpentines over a steep step and further over the Grasleiten slopes to the Birnlücke.

Here is the Austrian - Italian state border.

If you descend on the south side for about 45 minutes, you reach the " "Birnlücken Hütte, which offers a good place to stop for refreshments.

From here, one hikes on the Lausitzerweg in a westward direction, staying on the same level.

On this path there is a short section where you descend steeply over rope-insured stairs - the so-called Teufelsstiege (Devil's Staircase).

Shortly before the Krimmler Tauern one passes an Italian customs hut, the Neugersdorfer hut.

From the Krimmler Tauern you are back on Austrian territory.

Over the Tauernleiten we descend into the Windbachtal.

In the area of the Außerunlaß Alm you come back to the wide alpine pasture path, which leads back to the Tauernhaus.