The geological nature trail itself consists of ten stations with a total of 40 objects. They give a clear picture of the most important stages of mountain formation in the Alps and show the most important types of rock in the Windischgarsten area.


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From the market square in Windischgarsten, first walk in the direction of Hengstpaß and turn right at the first entrance to the Windischgarsten outdoor pool.

Follow the fence on the right along the open-air swimming pool and you will arrive directly at the Geological Landscape Park.

The approx.

100 meter long circular hiking trail contains a total of 10 stations and 40 objects from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

These illustrate the most important types of rock in the Windischgarsten Basin on the one hand, and the most important stages in the formation of the Alps on the other.

1888 saw the founding of a spa park in Windischgarsten to mark the 40th anniversary of the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph and the careful establishment of the park by Max Dümler and Emil Zeller.

The Geopark and the Geological Nature Trail in Windischgarsten can look back on a long history.

In autumn 2006, the park was revitalised and professionally designed.

A stock of old trees, including some exotic ones, is already remarkable in itself and forms the venerable setting for the stone show.

The biotope, the pond, the splashing of the brook and an attractive children's playground enrich the park and provide its visitors with relaxing hours.

For longer stays in the park there are benches and a toilet facility.

The path leads you to the sawmill Pistlmühle before it continues to the right towards Dörfl, uphill on the Güterweg Stummer.

Following the turn-off straight ahead, you reach the Rosenauerweg and above the supermarket Spar again to Windischgarsten back to the starting point.