Landscape frame path "gemma Schmolln schau'n "Pictures can awaken emotions, can preserve memories, pictures that inspire us, we place in a frame and make visible: This point of view is important to me! The landscape frames on the hiking path "gemma Schmolln schau'n" invite you to discover something new, something different. Quasi in focus, you can see a small part of the wide landscape, in special places. Especially because of the panoramic views and the unique view of Maria Schmolln. The (empty) frames direct and bundle the viewer's gaze so as to create the impression of a picture or a section of a picture. The "landscape frames" invite the viewer to rest, pause and slow down. They can be used by hiking groups or couples as a suitable frame for their photos and by hikers and pilgrims in general to focus on their views of the landscape. Fast-paced life, pressure to perform and a flood of information have created the urge for conscious slowness, inner peace and away from "always being reachable". When you walk, your thoughts run wild. Feel what's important. Experience what loses its meaning. Feel yourself lifted between heaven and earth. Feel secure in creation. Be mindful of yourself and others. Take your time. The landscape around our place of pilgrimage offers ideal conditions for filling up with energy and joie de vivre.


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Thought-provoking ideas for hikers and pilgrims: In one way or another, each of us has certain wisdoms of life in his head: be it a loose motto to which he orients himself, or a concrete sentence, or a phrase that gives him support.

Wisdoms of life put us upright when things get difficult and can help us not to lose sight of our own path.

The slogans on the landscape frames are intended to inspire reflection & philosophizing; in a sense as inspiration for one's own thoughts about God and the world - and oneself, for example: "What seemed insurmountable yesterday is in retrospect only a threshold on your path of life."