For an ascent of the Traunstein, it is worth mentioning the Traunstein as "guardian of the Salzkammergut". Sure-footedness, a head for heights, stamina and a good physical condition are basic requirements for a Traunstein tour.


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Path number 414: Naturfreunde Steig - Walking time 3 hoursFrom the reverse car park, you choose the Lainautalstrasse for the approach to the Naturfreundesteig, on which you reach the entrance after the last tunnel and before the Lainaubrück.

Right at the beginning, the path, which is partly laid out as a via ferrata, leads almost vertically up a wall over iron ladders and equipped with rope safety devices.

After an old tree population now moderately steep uphill to the "Überstieg", where the "alte Naturfreundesteig" used to lead up the rock ridge.

Then to the high rest by a mountain forest on a rock ridge to the Schotterkar and by a rock gate to the exit directly with the nature friend house.

Good condition and head for heights are basic conditions around a beautiful tour on the Traunstein to be able to enjoy! character: Landscape great crossing of the Cat.

A to B with rope protections, step pins, a ladder and short unsecured passages of the 1st degree of difficulty.

some places show slimmed down rock! Because of the sunny location and the length of the climb, take a lot of liquid with you!