A very long blue run from the Radiotelescopio to the Rio and the village of Pradollano.









A very long blue run which takes you from the Radiotelescopio to the Rio and the village of Pradollano.

This piste starts by the Radiotelescopio.

You can get there by using the Emilie Reyes chairlift if you came from Borreguiles, or the Dílar chairlift if you came from Laguna area, or Monachil if you came from Loma Dílar area. The top is quite flat.

Until the middle of the piste and to the right you will find behind the wooden fence the first part of the Sulayr park with some jumps.

Also to the right, you will find some pistes which go down to the Rio area, like Zaraheña, Cajascar, Vuelta de Zaraheña or Montebajo.

When the flat part finishes, you will find to the right Prado de las Monjas and Violetas runs.

Continue the first steep part and next you find to the right the Sulayr park.

The slope style and the ski cross permanent circuit.

To the left is a path which connects with Poniente.

Follow Loma Dílar round this park, which gives you the possibility in many places of going into the park from many different ways.

This part of the piste gets wider and keeps steep while bending to the right.

You arrive at the cross point of the area, before arriving at the bottom station of the Monachil chairlift.

Be careful in this area, it is a slow area.

You will pass by the half pipe and the big pad for jumping.

The Loma Dílar run crosses this area and keeps going down towards the Jara chairlift.

Te run is a path next to the wooden fence to the left to avoid the cliff.

To the right and in the middle it gets a little bit wider, and you will find a little tube off piste - very fun if there is enough snow.

The path then gets steeper and at the end of the day it gets lots of moguls.

At the end you will get to the down part of the Rio.

You find snow canons all the over this piste. Ramp: 670 m Length: 3833 m Surface: 164055 m2