Gnarly straightline or huge air with a very nasty entrance









FATMAP difficulty grade



Lost Shot Straightline is one of the crazier lines at Bridger Bowl.

It is essentially just a 100ft pointer, but getting into it is puckering to say the least, and the run out leaves no room for error.

Just before the confluence of Morning Glory and Job 3, look left for a notch in the rock.

This is where the Lost Shot Straightline lies waiting.

Look down it, and even very late in the year there will be a diagonal log to jump over or ski on, as well as a rock wall to duck on the right.

It does open up relatively quickly, but by that time you will probably be going super fast, worried about where you'll dump speed.

You come out into Lost Shot Bowl, after hitting a pretty dominating woopdee to the left.

Lost Shot isn't that big though, and you could easily ski right off into the chute left of Z.

Another way to get into the straightline is to just head down the ridge to the right of the entrance and have yourself a big air into it.

It's a great idea, but its probably at least 20 feet, off angle, and has a horrible run out.

Have Fun!