The historical route of the Proviantweg connected the Garstnertal in the great time of the "Black Count" with the Styrian Eisenwurzen over the stallion pass. We hike from Windischgarsten first along the Millionenweg and then along the Proviantweg to the alpine pastures at Hengstpaß.


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Around 26 stations with the most beautiful vantage points in the Garstner Valley show how the landscape of the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen in all its diversity has geologically developed over 250 million years.

The journey into the past begins at the railway station in Windischgarsten and leads first to the town centre, past the market square and at the fork in the road to the left towards Rosenau am Hengstpass.

After approx.

200 metres, turn right into the outdoor pool and walk past the outdoor pool on your right to the geological nature trail in the nature park.

The geological nature trail shows you the rocks that make up our soil and build up the mountains around Windischgarsten.

At the other end of the nature park the trail continues on the gravel banks of the Dambach and you can discover the stone witnesses of the earth's history yourself.

When you reach the Pistlmühle sawmill, the path leads right through the middle and you turn slightly left and then right to the Schaffelmühle inn.

Continue along the road towards Hengstpaß until you reach the mouth of the Fraitbach stream, where you will also find the parking lot for the Fraitgraben.

Walk along the stream through the Fraitgraben until you reach the first fork in the road, where you continue along the hiking trail in the forest to the left until you reach the mountain restaurant Zottensberg.

Below the Zottensberg the dirt road leads into the forest where it goes along for quite a while.

Then you come again on a street the Dirngrabnerweg where you go on to the right.

After a piece you follow the signs on the left over a field path further into the forest.

Then you come again on a forest road, go right here and follow the road to the Egglalm.

After the Egglalm you follow the road to the right and arrive at the Karlhütte am Hengstpaß.