Large snowfield above cliffs









FATMAP difficulty grade



Hanging Snowfield usually doesn't come in until mid season.

It has lots of rocks and gets hit by the sun pretty hard.

It doesn't get skied too often, and there are hardly any moguls here.

You start by skiing into Pat's Chute.

After about 100ft, look for the flat notch to the left, this is where you get out of Pat's.

You'll get a few turns before a rocky crux.

This crux is more pepper than a cliff, but can be scary, especially in low snow.

Get light or jump into the snowfield below.

There you will get another 200ft of good turns before near the rocks and you have to make another decision.

Head hard left, crossing a quick, rocky ridge into Deno's; fade a little left into a tucked away chute in the trees with a decent exit and few rocks; ski fall line into a tight chute that may have a couple small airs; or right of fall line into a couple steep, narrow, rocky chutes that might not be skiable.

In high snow, you can traverse really hard right into the bottom of Pat's, just above the cave.