Fun groomer launching off from the Upper Dave Murray Downhill









If you want to ski Upper Dave Murray but do not want to go as low as the Creekside base and finish out the whole run, Tokum is another available option.

Halfway into the Upper Dave Murray Downhill you will see signage straight ahead for Tokum, or the opportunity to continue along Dave Murray to your left.

Tokum is a groomer that links up with Expressway and leads you to the base of the Garbanzo Express and avoiding the Creekside base.

It may feature occasional moguls or icy conditions, but for the most part is a fun lower mountain groomer which is steep enough to pick up some speed and lay down some carves.

Neither overly quiet or crowded, this is the perfect option to allow you to ski the Dave Murray Downhill without having to commit to going all the way down into Creekside.