Circular hike from the Katrinseilbahn mountain station


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Directions: From Bad Ischl on the B 158 about 5 km towards Salzburg.

The Gasthof (Gasthof zur Wacht) is located at the end of a long straight line on the left side of the road.

The starting point can also be reached by public transport: from the signpost at a small bridge to the left of the inn, we walk 400 m along a road up the stream to a farmhouse, which we leave to the left.

Before we cross the stream again, we have to leave the road to the left at a signpost with several signs.

It now goes up for about 1 hour through the forest to a signpost (1010 m).

A forest road is crossed three times.

Now the climb becomes steeper.

We pass a hunting hut (on the right below the path) and after another hour's walk we reach the alpine meadow of the Ahornfeld (unmanaged hut) with a magnificent view of the Wolfgangsee.

Now it is not far to the summit of Roßkopf (47°40'57 "N -013°33'12 "O - 1657 m), which we reach last through Latschengassen.

Descending we reach a fork (1550 m) after 15 minutes.

Now there are two possibilities of the further way of about the same length.

Those who are not free from vertigo should choose the left variant, although the right path is certainly more beautiful.

Ascending and descending we reach in 35 min the summit of Hainzen (47°41'13 "N - 013°34'00 "O - 1638 m).

After another ¼ h we reach a crossroads (1610m).

If you still feel strong enough, you can choose the 30 min longer left variant via Elferkogel (1601 m) and Katrinkreuz (1542 m) to the Katrinalm.

Otherwise keep to the right and after 20 min climb up another crossroads, passing it and keep to the right in 50 min to the top station of the Katrin cable car.

If the cable car is not in operation, you have to reckon with a 1 hour foot descent into the valley.