Connector route leading to Midstation









Once on Peak to Creek, the run continues all the way down into the valley and the base of Creekside.

If you don't want to head to the bottom of the mountain - watch out for posted signs for Highway 86.

Peak to Creek will split into left and right, with the left turning into Lower Peak to Creek and leading to Creekside, and the right turning into Highway 86 which leads to mid-station (the base of the Big Red Express and top of the Creekside Gondola).

If you still want to enjoy Upper Peak to Creek without committing to the whole length of it to the base (5.5 km!), Highway 86 will give you that option.

The run itself is an enjoyable way to finish off Upper Peak to Creek - it is relatively uncrowded most times of the day and still offers a similar groomer experience as Upper Peak to Creek.

Below Highway 86, Lower Peak to Creek is groomed significantly less often and may feature moguls and other icy or variable conditions.

If you don't want to get stuck on a long, mogul-filled descent to the base, Highway 86 is groomed more routinely.