Norway's finest ski trip (!)









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This is the "classic of classics" Jotunheimen ski tour and probably the entire country.

It is extremely popular, especially during sunny days in the spring. The normal route starts from the parking at the entrance of Ringsdalen.

If the road isn't open, a good alternative is to start from Turtagrø Hotel. Start going south towards the pointy mountain at the end of the valley.

This is Store Ringstind, your goal for the day.

Keep to the east of the river at the bottom of the valley.

At approximately 1200 meter above sea level follow a steep uphill that will lead you the glacier.

This is the most tricky and the steepest part of the route, and if it is in icy conditions, it might be wise to consider using crampons or ski crampons.

At the bottom of the glacier called Ringsbreen there are several nice lunch spots.

Look for a lonely big rock on the flats at the bottom of the glacier, this is a nice shelter. Although most people go without glacier kit due to the kind character of the Ringsbreen glacier, it is always smart to bring this when traveling on a glacier. Continue south on the glacier towards Ringsskar and Midtre Ringstind.

At 1700 meters above sea level turn south-west and traverse on the north side of Midtre Ringstind where the slope is at its most gentle.

Continue towards west and follow the easiest line towards the summit.

The last 50 meters of elevation is steep, so consider putting your skis on your backpack, or leave them behind.

On the summit you have a spectacular view to all of Hurrungane, including Store Skagastølstind and Store Austanbotntind.

Descend the same route as the ascent.

Under normal conditions it is possible to ski all the way from the top.

Alternatively you can stay left on the bottom part of Ringsbreen and take a steeper route down to Ringsdalen (45 degrees for a short section).

Watch out for a bergschrund at the steepest section. You can enjoy a well deserved beer and fantastic view at Turtagrø Hotell after a day in the mountains!