One of Jotunheimen's most famous ski mountains


6 - 7









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From the back this peak looks like a sleeping bear and from the summit you have an amazing view! This description of Leirsvassbu is just a starting point.

It is also common to start at Geitsætre further north in Leirdalen. Start heading north-west in Leirdalen from Leirvassbu.

This is a kind of traverse with some flats and is slightly downwards in the beginning.

Cross the Storflye plateau and traverse to the west on the north side of a little spot height called "Steet" at 1448 meters above sea level.

If you have good weather you should now see Storebjørn to the west. Cross the river and gain height gradually on the south face of Geite while keeping a steady course to the west.

Pass on the north side of a little spot height at 1644 meters above sea level.

At approximately 1700 meters above sea level you will get onto the glacier.

Continue to the west while slowly turning to the south and follow the easiest line.

Entering the last hill, go straight to the south.

You should be aware of the conditions on the glacier.

Depending on the amount of snow, there might be some crevasses in the steepest sections. On the summit you will enjoy a great view where you can see big parts of Jotunheimen and the characteristic Hurrungane in the west. Descend the same route as the ascent. From Storebjørn you have easily access to some of the other summits in the Smørtabbtind massif.

They are easiest available by entering Bjørneskaret.