DERZEIT GESPERRT, because of fallen trees "way to the steep steps of the Schwarzenberg alluvial canal" in the Böhmerwald holiday region!


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FATMAP difficulty grade



0 km Haslach market square.

From the market place to the old tower further to the federal road - cross this, straight ahead on the mountain road, after approx.

200 m turn left direction Jaukenberg.

1.6 km view to Haslach and on the castle Lichtenau and mountain with Rohrbach.

On the road to Jaukenberg continue through the Bärenholz past the Nußbaumerhof and along the Wiesenweg to the 3.9 km Zarghof.

Pass the farm, follow the asphalt road downhill towards Unterurasch.

After the bridge, continue right along the Zwettlbach to the Bienenhütte.

Shortly after the beehive, go up the slope on the left.

After a short hike, you come to a road that continues to the right, slightly hilly through the forest.

Shortly before coming out of the forest, cross the ditch on the right and go up the opposite slope.

Turn left at a right angle along the meadow path and then turn right towards the forest.

From there it goes steeply downhill to the 6.6 km boundary stone, which was set during the mapping and demarcation under Josef II and further to the steep steps of the Schwarzenberg alluvial canal.

With a thunderous roar the log fell down the riverbed at the time of the snow melt.

For the alluvians it was one of the most dangerous places, because if the wood wedged here, the following logs were often hurled meters high into the air.7.7 km At the resting place over the Morau to St.

Oswald go.9.2 km In St.

Oswald downhill on the road to Almesberg, continue on the meadow path to Schwackerreith and then on the road11.5 km to the ford mill go.

Old trade routes crossed here.

One led from Aigen along the Gr.

Mühl here, the more important one was a salt road, the connection between Rohrbach and South Bohemia, and a toll station at the Furtmühle.

Cross the Große Mühl and continue on the road to Gattergaßling.

Turn left in the village and soon turn slightly right onto Wiesenweg.

At the forest entrance after the entrance turn left to the Großen Mühl.

12,5 km Along the river bank to the Großen Mühl, downriver to the 15,6 km leisure centre Kranzling and back again after 16,5 km Haslach. "Request our hiking map for EUR 3,00 and the hiking diary for EUR 5,00!