The first stop is in front of the Brandberg church. From there, turn right to Gasthof Thanner, where the cultural landscape trail leads past the famous Hanserhof to Gasthof Steinerkogel (1263 m). Then you hike along narrow forest paths to the hamlet of Ritzl and from there past the Schrofenmühle mill back to the starting point.


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The starting point can be reached by bus from Mayrhofen.

There are parking spaces for private vehicles in front of the Brandberg municipal office. Like no other place in the high mountain nature park, Brandberg is characterised by mountain farming.

Apart from a small village centre around the church, the village consists of many hamlets and farms scattered along the slope, surrounded by extensive steep meadows.

Thanks to its south-facing location, Brandberg is extremely sun-drenched and has a wonderful panorama that stretches from Brandberger Kolm to Ahorn and Vorderen Grinbergspitze.

The scenic beauty of Brandberg can be discovered particularly well on the Cultural Landscape Trail.

Beginning at the church, this medium-difficult circular trail takes about 2 hours to walk and takes you through the individual farmsteads through the extensive local area. Go to the fire station and follow the road to the Steinerkogelhaus (1263m).

At a right turn the hike continues on the meadow path. The individual stops draw your attention to cultural peculiarities.

There are two versions of the Steinerkogel Inn.

The comfortable one leads on the road to stop 5, the slightly steeper one takes you to the idyllic stop 4 (Schutzwald) path no.

50 towards Laberg.

You then come onto the asphalted road, walk along it a bit in the direction of Brandberg and then leave it sharp left (stable building) - circular walk - and arrive at the hamlet of Ritzl.

From there it goes back on the road past the Schrofenmühle to the starting point.

Along the way there are eight stops at which various aspects of the rural cultural landscape are thematised.

For it is above all the elements that have been created over centuries, such as dry stone walls, wooden fences, field stables or a mill, that give Brandberg its special charm. Interesting stories and interesting facts about the stops can be found in an accompanying brochure available on site.

The brochure accompanying the Cultural Landscape Trail is available at the Thanner Inn, the Steinerkogel Inn and the Brandberg Municipal Office.