From the parish church in Ginzling (985m) down the valley to the old hunting lodge on the right side - turn left over a wooden bridge to Schlegeisstraße, continue in the direction of the valley to the Schwarzenstein inn (985m) - cross the hanging bridge to Ofenach, continue to the children's playground and back to the church.


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Your circular path begins at the church Ginzlings (985m) - from the parish church Maria Himmelfahrt and the cemetery next to it, you go further into the valley and leave the multi-purpose building on the right behind you, as well as another hiking path, over which you could reach the inn Innerböden (1303m).

Straight ahead you pass an old hunting lodge.

Next to it you will find the so-called homecoming chapel.

Now go over the wooden bridge to Landwirtschaft Schragl.

Now continue out of the valley, past the village square, where you will find an information board.

From here a path also begins to the ascent to the Tristener (2767m), from where you have a wonderful view of the village.

Your circular path leads you further out of the valley over the hanging jetty at Gasthaus Schwarzenstein (985m).

We continue through the local recreation area of Ofenach, a forest on the outskirts of the village with a children's playground and benches.

From here you will get to the old school and the exhibition building and thus back to the starting point of your tour through Ginzling.

We hope you had a lot of fun and wish you a relaxing stay.