A fun, long groomer spanning the length of the Solar Coaster Express. This run allows you to pick up lots of speed and rip down the hill!









Springboard is a longer groomer that is great for going fast right underneath the Solar Coaster Express.

Depending on conditions, it may or may not be groomed.

Check the grooming lists available throughout the mountain, as certain days it will be more of a mogul run then a groomer.

Considering it's length, if moguls aren’t your type of thing it is best to be sure of grooming before dropping in! However, if it hasn’t snowed recently this run is very fast and icy in the morning before it softens up.

If you are looking to go fast and lay down some carves, this is your run! Springboard sits perfectly in the direction of the sun for most of the day so this is also a great spot to catch some sunshine!