Do you fancy magic? Would you like to experience the moment, the moment once again for what it is - namely a gift, a healthy dose of strength? Pilgrimage is the magic word. Take the pace, listen attentively to the smells all around and perceive the landscape in all its diversity. Let yourself in for an adventure of a quiet but unforgettable kind. In the footsteps of the Virgin Mary on the Styrian part of the pilgrimage route named after her. Discover witnesses of time long past, pause at the cultural highlights that await you on your journey. On your journey inside. While your feet carry you northwards towards Mariazell, your head opens, your soul becomes wide and stress and worry are left behind.



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The idea of pilgrimage, the journey into the "I", is as old as man's desire for purity and health.

Perhaps some concepts have changed over the centuries, the basic idea has remained, is experiencing a renaissance! Thanksgiving for regained health, requests for convalescence, repentance, taking a vow, asking for indulgence - or simply the longing for peace, for peace, for a new finding of meaning - does not all this have today just as, if not even more justification than hundreds of years ago? And even if your motifs are not sensual, if you simply want to wander off for a few days without having to lug your luggage around, because it is brought from quarter to quarter.

Or because you know there's no healthier way to get around than evenly, steadily.

The pulse never overloaded, but the cardiovascular system always stimulated.

So even if your main goal is to spend a healthy holiday far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to experience some real cultural highlights - then you are "on the right track": from Wörth on the border to Burgenland, continuing to Hungary, up to the Stanglalm.

In two variants, each divided into three daily stages.