From the town centre along Dorfbachstrasse and then following the information boards up the sunny slope of Uttendorf. The tables describe the becoming and passing, the life and use of the butterflies.


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The path leads along the Dorfbachstraße to the Stefflbauer, where the first information board is located.

Then the exposed dry slope with its warmth-loving plant and insect world is crossed, which often offers the opportunity to admire the life and death of colourful butterflies such as swallowtail, Apollo butterfly, lemon butterfly, peacock butterfly, small fox, admiral, mourning cloak, iridescent butterfly and much more.

The path leads up wooden stairs to the shady Steinergraben, where seats invite you to rest.

The way leads past a swampy Erlenau with dainty mosses and ferns to the boulders (devil's stones - witnesses of the ice age). In the immediate vicinity of the geological peculiarity, hikers come across a wetland biotope, again a place of peace and tranquillity, but also an oasis for other butterfly species and insects.

Before you reach the Alpengasthof Liebenberg, a popular excursion destination, the trail leads along the edge of a forest, past litter meadows and through an old orchard. Enjoy the wonderful nature and let yourself be fascinated by the many "flying gems"! starting point is the village centre and end point after approx.

1.5 hours walking time is the Alpengasthof Liebenberg.

The difference in altitude is 300 m.