A little hike for a lot of powder!









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As you get off the Chanrossa chairlift, stop on your left by the lift hut.

Attach your skis or board to your bag and look up at the rocky ridge line on your left, this is Plan Mugnier.

You guessed it, you're climbing up that.

It looks pretty gnarly but the snow around the rocks is not too deep and is easy to climb up.

It takes about ten minutes to get to the summit where you can look back down towards Chanrossa or across at the valley.

In the direction of the valley is a cornice.

Put your skis on and scoot around this and you'll see a steep wide couloir that you can ski all the way back down to the blue Plan Mugnier piste.

The look of the hike up to Equinox puts a lot of people off so you are bound to find some fresh powder up here, the climb along the ridge shouldn't take you more than fifteen minutes.

The drop in is fairly steep but wide enough to be super enjoyable and the further down you get the wider it gets meaning you can really get your turns in and enjoy the descent back towards 1650.