A complete ski tour with great views and a summit over 2300 meters above sea level









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This is Valdresflya's most accessible alpine ski tour.

Despite the long approach, a huge reward is found on the summit! The route starts at the parking right next to Heimdalsmunnen, a long the road across Valdresflya.

Head west crossing the flats in the beginning.

After approximately 2 kilometres the climb starts.

Continue on a steady course to the west as gaining height, following the easiest line. After passing the steepest sections you will now see Tjønnholstinden to the west and Høgdebrotet to north-west.

In between you see the Steinflybrean Glacier.

Head to the middle of the glacier and cross it from east to west.

The glacier normally doesn't have any crevasses in these lower sections.

Alternatively you can avoid the glacier on the south by going over a little hill at 1952 meters above sea level.

On the west side of the glacier the hill steepens.

Go to north-west as long as you feel comfortable or until the ridge narrows.

Here you have two options; either you can turn around and descend the same way as the ascent, or you can push for the summit.

If you choose the summit you can leave your skis behind and put on your crampons.

Follow the ridge at its highest, heading slightly towards the south.

Watch out for snowdrift on the north side.

First you will arrive at Steinflytinden.

This is just a pre summit.

Continue going a little down to the south, before holding the top of the ridge westwards.

At the end of the ridge, the summit blocks the way.

Traverse on the south side and you will be able to reach the summit from the west.

The ridge contains easy scrambling but there's no need for belaying.

From the summit you will have a great view over the "Gjendealps" and the famous Besseggen, just to mention a few things. From the summit you can either descend the same route as the ascent, or you can descend to the west, going back to Leirdalen over Tjønnholsoksle.

In the latter case, make sure to bring your skis! Another great trip, which is quite some distance, is to do the traverse over Høgdebrotet, Tjønnholstind and Tjønnholsoksle.

That route has the same starting and ending point as this route description. If you have some fuel left in the tank after the trip, you may drive to Beitostølen and aim for the after ski!