Theme trail around the Vorderen Gosausee


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Water is nothing special in Gosau.

Omnipresent, available as an inexhaustible resource, always available and therefore something that goes without saying.

Appearances are deceptive, though.

Six centuries before our time, the Greek philosopher Thales von Miletus recognized that "water is the primary substance from which everything originated".

Everywhere on earth there is life where there is water, where there is water it guarantees life and change.

The aim of the theme trail at the Vorderen Gosausee is to bring the numerous facets of water back into consciousness.Eleven objects along the circular trail provide an opportunity to learn and experience the basics about water.A few keywords are used to refer directly to the theme of the respective object.The positions of the eleven objects are noted on a synoptic board at the forecourt of the Vorderen Gosausee.

At this board you can also find the explanations to the panorama of the surrounding mountains.

1.5 hours are to be planned for the hiking trail around the Vorderen Gosausee.The stations: "Current through movement - Movement through current""Water - Colours - Sound - Arc""Water is energy""Two atoms hydrogen - One atom oxygen""Sea becomes stone""Pythagoras cascade""Water echinoderms""Archimedean spiral""Water carries""Drinking water""Ice shapes the landscape" "Order hiking maps to the Dachstein Salzkammergut region ..." "To the 360° panorama tour around the Gosausee ...

"In emergencies call the mountain rescue at 140