Beautiful hike with wonderful views into the holiday region Bohemian Forest! Attention: The beating path into the Bavarian meadow is closed for safety reasons! Start of construction for the new barrier-free moor nature trail is spring 2019 with a planned completion until the end of summer 2019!


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0 km You start the hike at the market place Aigen in the Waldgasse.

Walk through the avenue and then follow the Höhenstraße, which leads up to Grünwald.

Shortly after the end of the village, turn right into the forest path, pass the Mühlrad and reach the 1.8 km Michaelsquelle spring.

Below is a Kneipp basin.

This pedal massage pool serves the natural foot reflex zone massage.

Attention: Partitioning of the hiking trails! Turn right and follow path no.


With increasing steepness, the trail climbs through beautiful forest to 2.8 km of mountain cottages.

Here the Mühltalblickweg branches off.

Continue along path no.

40, leave the hostel above Adalbert Stifter and follow a beautiful forest path to 4.5 km Oberhaag (836 m).

Schwedenschanze - weir, probably built in 1469.

It was intended to protect against the invasions of warlike soldiers from Bohemia and Swedish troops.

Above the Landhotel Haagerhof turn right in the direction of Bayrische Au, follow a short field path which leads into a forest road and then into a forest path and after 7.0 km approx.

¾ hours you will reach the Iglbach-Dopplbrücke bridge.

The alluvial canal was restored to its original form at this point.

The showers take place here during the summer months.

You can find dates in the I-Office.

Following the alluvial canal for a short distance, turn right into the forest path.

Now it goes gently downhill to the 10.8 km entrance to the Hochmoorgebiet Bayrische Au (720 m).

The Bayrische Au is one of the oldest Bohemian Forest high moors and at the same time the only spiral high moor in Austria.

12.6 km of asphalt road leading from Oberhaag to the border.

Continue left, after approx.

200 m turn right again into the forest path and after a short ascent you will reach the Schwemmkanalstraße again.

Here you turn right and come to the reconstructed 14.3 km Schrollenbachschleuse (800 m).

Showering in the summer months.

After approx.

150 m you leave the canal.

Turn left into the forest road, which climbs slightly uphill and after a short stretch of woodland you come to the 15.0 km division of the hiking trails Schwemmkanalrunde and Waldsteig.

Here you have the opportunity to shorten the Waldsteig and hike along the alluvial canal path to Oberhaag and on to Aigen.

Follow No.

40 and walk up through the beautiful high forest for 18.0 km to Bärenstein (1077 m) with a magnificent view of the Moldaustausee and the Bohemian Forest.

Now it goes leisurely downhill to 19.5 km Grünwald (950 m), a former woodcutter settlement.

You walk parallel with Bärensteinrunde Nr.

41 to the crossing in the forest.

Take the road to the right and you will reach the 20,3 km Hochbuchet (920m) - wonderful view.

In the documents of the monastery Schlägl it is reported that between 1762 and 1775 big pilgrimages took place here.

Continue downhill to the 20.9 km detour Liebesfelsen (magnificent view), which you reach in 5 minutes and which is worthwhile because of the beautiful view to the west.

Back again, follow the markings that cross several forest roads, always downhill.

Past the robber cave, which is difficult to see in the dense bushes, you cross the asphalt road at the 22.4 km bitter chapel.

A short detour via the Waldsteig footpath (No.

43) is worthwhile because of the magnificent view of Aigen from Calvary.

If you stay on the Waldsteig, you will reach the starting point Aigen after 24.0 km. "Request our hiking map for EUR 3,00 and the hiking diary for EUR 5,00!