The Wurzeralm in Spital am Pyhrn with the landscape conservation area "Teichlboden", the largest low and high moor in the eastern limestone Alps, is not called Wanderalm for nothing. It is not only the starting point for numerous mountain tours and airy climbing tours.


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The international long-distance hiking trail, section no.

201, leads from the valley station Wurzeralm over the Tote Gebirge, the Warscheneck to the Großen Priel and on to the Salzkammergut.

A relatively flat circular hiking trail around the low and high moor to the Brunnsteinersee allows comfortable hiking and strolling.

In late spring (early June) and in the summer months, the eye of the hiker will be delighted by a colourful sea of flowers with a remarkable variety of plants.

The circular hiking trail is well marked and clearly visible from the plateau of the mountain station.

A leisurely hike of approx.

½ hrs leads from the Wurzeralm-Almdorf to the Schwarzeck (1,537 m) and offers a beautiful view of the Bosruck, the Pyhrgas and the Arlingalmen mountain pasture area on the opposite side of the valley.

From the Almdorf, past the Berghaus Wurzeralm in some serpentines, partly along the drag lift terrace up to the small plateau, where the Arnika reaches its full bloom in July.

The day hike from the Wurzeralm to the Dümlerhütte is also popular, walking time approx.

2 hours.

From the mountain station through the Almdorf follow the circular hiking trail, past the "Teichlschwund" to the Filzmoosalmen.

At the Öhlerhütte you leave the circular hiking trail to the north and follow AV trail no.

218 to the Halssattel and on to the Dümlerhütte.

Before the Halssattel you could make a detour to the right, branching off over steep alpine meadows and sparse larch and mountain pine vegetation to the Stubwieswipfel (1,786 m), where you can enjoy a magnificent view.

Walking time from the turnoff in front of the Stubwiesalm approx.

1 ½ hours.From the Dümlerhütte, 1,495 m / managed from the beginning of May to the end of October, you can descend to Gleinkersee 608 m or past Pießling Ursprung to Roßleithen 706 m.

Walking time also approx.

2 hours.

It is recommended to descend via AV path no.

218 or 293.

Hiking trail no.

218 leads to Windischgarsten railway station, walking time approx.

4 hours.