Breathtaking route with a hike and 700 metres of descent.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This section is a classic route in Hochfügen, it requires a hike, but it's worth the effort.

You reach the face using the 8er Jet and the 2000er chairlift.

Before entering the chairlift it is advisable to take a few minutes standing in front of the face, which is standing like a wall in front of you.

Choose your best line and maybe take pictures, to remind yourself of the line on top.

After exiting the lift to the left on top follow the ridge to the north until you can have a look at the hill opposite.

Here is a good place to stop before gaining speed to ski up the Metzen as far as possible.

When you stop you need to hike the next part up the hill for about 400 metres.

When you reach the top of the hill at 2300m first of all take a deep breath and enjoy the wonderful panorama.

Follow the ridge a few metres until you can have a look on the cliffs on the right side, now there is a big wide couloir in front of you, leading down to the bottom station of the 2000er lift.

At the beginning there are some nice small rocks you can jump over, afterwards the wide slope is made for big lines in the deep fluffy powder! Think of avalanche safety before skiing down here, also good weather is required doing this route.