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A beautiful descent in Hurrungane, this route is perfect for linking Store Dyrhaugstind and Store Ringstind together to create a very long day out in the mountains. Follow the route description to Store Dyrhaugstind and make sure to bring your skis from Nordre Dyrhaugstind.

Continue along the ridge past the summit of Store Dyrhaugstind.

You will soon see a flank on your right hand side, narrowing into a couloir heading south-west.

This is your line! You should be able to see the bottom of the couloir, where it meets the route to Store Ringstind at the entrance of Ringsbreen Glacier. Put on your skis at the top of the flank and follow the fall line down the couloir.

It is neither too steep nor too narrow, so it is pretty straightforward down to the glacier.

That said, it's superb skiing in a wild location! Be aware that this descend is south facing, so it gains a lot of sun exposure during the day.

Take this into consideration when planning this trip, and aim for hitting the line early.

It takes a long time to reach the line so you'll need a really early start to get there before the conditions deteriorate. Down at the glacier you can either continue the descent out down Ringsdalen or you can put on your skins and aim for Store Ringstind.

If you have some power left, the last option is highly recommended.

Follow the route description to Store Ringstind.

You will definitely get a memorable day and will have earned a drink back at the hotel!