Cruisy run zig-zagging through the forest









Zig Zag is one of the better groomed runs located on the lower half of the mountain.

Moving through the forest, this trail begins from Glacier Creek and transports you through the trees all the way down to the Blackcomb Glacier Road, quickly leading you to to the base of the Excelerator Express.

As this is a lower mountain trail, conditions on this run can be variable - this run is shaded and therefore can remain icy most of the day.

However, it is still wide and moderately steep, making it perfect for carving turns on your way down.

This run also receives less traffic than other intermediate runs throughout the mountain due to its lower elevation.

This run is also one of the longer groomers available as it runs the entire length of the Excelerator Express.

If you are looking for an icy groomer to pick up speed and carve some turns, this is your run.