Run along a flat gravel path to a beautiful swimming lake.


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Lost Lake Park is one of the most popular trail running destinations in Whistler, thanks to its easy accessibility from Whistler Village.

By following the Valley Trail, you can literally run to this forest area from the heart of Whistler Village without ever getting into a car. The route mapped here is one of the easiest runs in the region.

This lollipop route follows wide, graded gravel paths that are used for cross country skiing in the winter but make for excellent walking in the summertime.

Since the surface consists of graded crushed gravel, there are no obstacles to worry about or present any issues.

From the entrance to the park, the gravel path runs through a beautiful forest to Lost Lake itself.

The loop of the lollipop circumnavigates the lake, with the route finishing on the same stem that you used to access the lake. Lost Lake is one of Whistler’s most popular lakes for swimming, so plan to finish your run with a dip in this beautiful alpine lake! Since it is relatively small, the water warms up quickly in the springtime and remains quite warm and pleasant all throughout the summer.

Docks and floating rafts provide great places to jump from and lie in the sun.

A dedicated dog beach allows canines to frolic in the cool water, and the most remote pier along the same shore is a dedicated nudist swimming spot.

On the weekend, it’s common to see crowds of people along the shores of Lost Lake—and for good reason!