A classic Whistler XC ride with a rewarding descent at the end.









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Kill Me Thrill Me is a true classic Whistler mountain bike ride.

If you look up any list of classic trail rides near Whistler, this trail is definitely on it.

While its popularity has been surpassed in recent years thanks to new trail development in the region, don’t overlook this gem of a mountain bike ride! Kill Me Thrill Me is an up-and-down gnarly XC trail interspersed with some big features and technical descents.

This up-and-down character is one of the reasons that other trails in the area have come to prominence.

On most of the new trail rides in Whistler these days, a long climb is followed by an equally long descent.

After a few days of pushing your bike up the top of ultra-long, ultra-steep climbs, the short hike-a-bikes on Kill Me Thrill Me may indeed come as a welcome relief. The trail roughly contours along the hillside above the highway, dipping in and out of deep valleys with rushing mountain streams.

Entertaining bridges provide picturesque stream crossings, and excellent bench cut singletrack makes for a delightfully flowy ride quality.

At times, the trail does point straight up the mountainside, but inevitably these steep climbs are followed with sweet, technical descents.

A few of the most technical features offer double black rock roll and drop options, but these are usually coupled with a single black line that is more approachable. The final descent under the power lines is a raucous romp down a cascading series of rock slabs.

Multiple lines weave down these slabs, providing a never-ending series of options and alt lines to choose from.

Only now that you’re ripping down hundreds of feet of rad rock do you realize how much climbing you did!