A challenging ride in Whistler's Cheakamus zone.


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The Cheakamus zone is located south of Whistler Village, just across from Function Junction.

"It sits snugly against the base of Whistler Mountain and bears the namesake of the nearby Cheakamus Lake and Cheakamus River watershed, an alarmingly blue, glacier-fed waterway,” [according to Whistler.com](https://www.whistler.com/blog/post/2018/10/03/mountain-bike-trails-cheakamus/).

Of all the trail systems in Whistler, Cheakamus is one of the most diverse.

Some of the trails in the network are even intermediate-friendly.

The route mapped here connects some flowy intermediate trails together with an approachable black diamond descent. Like all trail rides in Whistler, begin with a brutal climb up an access road to reach the top of See Colours and Puke.

For an even longer, more challenging descent, climb higher up the access roads to reach Babylon By Bike. See Colours and Puke provides a breath of fresh air after the endless chunder of most of Whistler’s trails.

Here, you’ll enjoy sweeping bermed switchbacks with flowy bench cut singletrack in between.

Optional side hits beg you to get air, but the trail tread is overall smooth, flowy, and pristine.

Lower down, See Colours and Puke dumps into High Side and Hi Hi, home to some fresh trail construction with modern bench cutting, grade reversals, and some interesting optional features.

Unfortunately, this sweet section of intermediate singletrack is over all too soon, leading to a moderate climb on Highline to reach Business Time. Despite being rated a single black diamond, Business Time is a very approachable descent.

Thanks to a few climbs on the way down, the grade is never very steep, and despite some big features, there are always optional ride arounds. For the rider willing to link together the bigger rock rolls, bridges, and optional drops, Business Time provides a delightful feature-filled descent.

Rock gardens and chunder can be found as well, but since the bench cutting and grade of Business Time appears more intentional than other trails in Whistler, you won’t be confronted with as many loose fall line skid sections.

Unlike the fall line trails in Whistler, Business Time has been built to last a lifetime—and it shows.