Takes you from Olímpica or the off piste next to the lift.









From halfway on Olímpica, the piste opens to the left onto another run called Cartujo which takes you down to the lift.

If you are a free rider and took Tajos de la Virgen o Pequeña Canada, you will end up here.

Cartujo is a fast and open wide run, perfect for rhythm changes with little jumps at the borders to play with.

It is quite flat at the beginning, but gets very steep at the end.

After a snowfall, you can go in between pistes to mark your tracks or jump. To the right you find Monaguillo, which is a little more steep than Cartujo, and finally you will merge with Henry to take the lift. It is a fine area to go with friends and you will arrive at the Laguna lift, with a kiosk and toilets. Ramp: 315 m Length: 2251 m Surface: 79934 m2