This tour leads through hilly terrain from Windischgarsten to the Hengstpass. You will enjoy glorious views of the Garstner Valley and the Kalkalpen National Park!









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the starting point "Reiterhof Schober" turn left up the asphalt road, after approx.

90 m turn left towards "Muttling".

At the Sveltinkapelle the path leads left again towards Haslersgatter.

After 500m a gravel road begins, which soon becomes very steep.

Arrived at the saddle of the Haslersgatter, the path branches off to the right and continues upwards.

After about 400m it becomes flatter, then it goes about 3.5km up and down through the forest slopes of the Augustinkogel and above the Groiß'n Wiese, then keep right towards the Hengstpass, through a rocky isthmus and down again.

After approx.

800m an old forest road joins, which you follow to the left up to the Hanslalm.

Arriving at your destination you have a wonderful view of the Garstner valley.

You will be spoiled with culinary delights by the innkeepers on the Alm, the "Rainer-Zwoag'sang"! The Hanslalm is not far from the ascent to the Wasserklotz, a panoramic mountain in the southern Hintergebirge, with a view of 54 two-thousand-metre peaks (difficulty level red!).

On the same way you ride back to the starting point.