Comfortable carriage ride with one or more horses. This 2 to 3 hour drive takes you past historic chapels and martels with the most beautiful views of the Mühlviertel.









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We start on the Moser Alm on a forest path through the colourful Mönchswald.

After a short ascent, the first clear view opens up towards Mönchdorf, past the large individual farm "Gruber" with its own chapel you arrive in Mönchdorf shortly afterwards.

After crossing the main road, you continue on the "Staub" freight road.

Past the horseast Hinterkörner and beautifully situated individual farms, you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Mühlviertel.

You turn right at the chapel, the drive through the somewhat bumpy forest path is rewarded with a surprise.

The breathtaking view of the ruins of Ruttenstein, of Pierbach as far as Lichtenberg invites you to take a break or even a picnic.

After about 600m through the village you turn right into the Naarntal.

In the Naarn valley you will pass a former hammer mill and the power station, the rock formations along the Naarn provide shade and the famous "Ochsenstein" reminds you of earlier times.

A crossroads shows the way to Schönau and the ruins of Ruttenstein, where you could extend the tour.

You stay on your way and drive right over the Naarnbrücke bridge, and start the ascent past the wild boar enclosure to the farm "Gruber", from there you take the already familiar path back to the Moser Alm.

Once you have arrived, the housewives look forward to a pleasant exchange of experiences and will be happy to entertain you with a hearty snack and homemade pastries.