An easier and less crowded alternative route to Rio which also goes down to the village









This is the other big piste of this area and you arrive to Maribel from Rio, but there are also many pistes from Virgen de las Nieves areas which fall into Maribel.

Maribel is a nice piste with fantastic views that follow the Rio from above the slope of the hill.

This run is like a big path that surrounds the hill; you always find hills or slopes coming to the right and a wooden fence to the left cliff.

When you start it coming from Rio, you will find a tunnel under the Universiada piste.

After that you will find the steeped part of the run; it is not very wide so pay attention if it’s crowded.

At the end of the slope you will continue the path and at the end you arrive at the Maribel and Lodge hotels, or you can continue to the village and lifts by the Águila or Zargatillo runs.

There is night skiing on the Rio and Maribel from Thursday to Saturday.

It seems to be quite different piste at night and it is a very good experience.

The Alcazaba restaurant is open in the evening and sometimes you are allowed to go on a guided visit to the observatory at night to watch the stars.

Amazing!!! Ramp: 360 m Length: 2085 m Surface: 58495 m2