Hike to an inconspicuous summit above the Hoisenrades









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Starting point: car park in Perneck near Salzberg (47°41'05 "N - 013°38'50 "E - 620 m).

How to get there: From the town centre, head south into Grazerstraße.

After house no.

49 turn left into the 2nd street (Perneckerstraße) at an intersection.

From the car park we have to walk back down the access road about 500 m to the guesthouse "Zum Salzberg".

There you will find a signpost with the sign "Hoisenrad" on a traffic island.

We turn right and walk along the stream for the time being on a straight road through the village.

Only after the last house does the path begin to climb in the forest.

After about ½ h walking time, the trail leads to the left through the meadow of the Niederrad (note the markings!).

Soon a barrier at the edge of the forest prevents us from continuing and we have to leave the meadow to the left and reach the Kaiser Jubiläumsweg.

Shortly afterwards we reach a forest road, which we leave to the left.

After another 15 min we are on the right uphill through the forest, last over a meadow at the most farmed Hoisenrad (47°41'28 "N - 013°39'42 "O - 969 m).

From the mountain pasture we ascend briefly to the forest road above.

There we keep sharply to the right and after about 50 m we leave the road after the left bend to the left.

Mostly wet and slippery it takes a good 20 min up to the Kolowratshöhe.

On the descent we have to return to the forest road and follow it for 15 minutes to the right past the Gschwendtalm to a crossroads where several roads meet at an offset.

We take the steep right downhill pull path and after 10 minutes we come back to a forest road.

On this road we go 300 m to the left.

Only at the crossing with the sign "Perneck 30 min" we turn right on a driveway.

Partly on a steep road it goes along the stream to the mountain houses at Salzberg and down to the parking lot of the starting point.