Feuerkogel round to Alberfeldkogel and Helmeskogel









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From the cable car station you first walk along the edge of the baby slope or the mountain inns to the Heumahdgupf lift.

There, one should turn left into the valley, as the crossing of the slope is enormously difficult and partly also dangerous for avalanches.

At the bottom keep right until the crossroads, where you keep right and follow the sign "Alberfeldkogel".

Once there, the Europakreuz and a magnificent view of the lake landscape of the Salzkammergut await you.

Then walk back to the intersection and continue to the Helmeskogel vantage point.

But beware, this path is a bit more difficult than the one to Alberfeldkogel and shortly after the summit cross of Helmeskogel there is a narrow spot, where the descent is relatively steep on both sides of the path.

The views of the Tote Gebirge and the surrounding mountains await you at the viewing pulpit.

Then it's back down into the Edeltal valley to the Kranabethhütte and from there another 15 minutes to the cable car mountain station.

NOTE: Ski tours and snowshoe hikes in open terrain demand responsible action with regard to weather and snow conditions.

Prepare yourself accordingly!