Snowshoeing on the most beautiful high plateau of Upper Austria









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The snowshoe hike starts at the cable car station (mostly without snowshoes) and continues along the mountain inns to the Heumahdgupf T-bar lift, where you put on your shoes and best of all go left into the valley of the Vorderen Edeltal.

Then it goes uphill in a hilly area always following the marking poles in the direction of Großer Höllkogel, a striking mountain left of the Riederhütte.

Shortly before that comes the key point, a depression that you have to overcome with snowshoes.

Here good stick inserts are in demand.

Shortly before the Höllkogelgrube, the Große Höllkogel is enthroned to the left, which can also be climbed with snowshoes or touring skis, but whose ascent is steep.

Great view! From the Höllkogelgrube it is then only 20 minutes to the hut, which in winter is normally open from mid-February to Easter and is a welcome place to stop.

Especially when the sun invites you to sit outside and you are surrounded by the beautiful winter landscape.

NEWS NOTE: The Riederhütte will be closed in the 2017/18 winter season due to changes of tenants; the return route is the same (do not use the "summer route", which is too dangerous and impassable with snowshoes).

NOTE: Ski tours and snowshoe hikes in open terrain require responsible action with regard to weather and snow conditions.

Prepare yourself accordingly!