If you want to climb the Rote Flüh a little more exposed, the Friedberger Klettersteig is the right place for you.









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A wonderful via ferrata in the Tannheimer "Dolomiten".

Enjoy a breathtaking view of the "http://www.tannheimertal.com/" Tannheimer Tal.

From the Füssner Jöchle over the Schartschrofen into the via ferrata.

During the climbing tour itself, you won't notice much from the outside world - but in the breaks when it's time to catch your breath, the view over the panorama of the Alps is a real gift.

At the top, it is hard to describe the feeling with which the climber enjoys his own performance and the world of mountains.

Directions: From the "http://www.skitannheimertal.at/" mountain station Füssener Jöchle in the direction of Raintaler Joch, past the Läuferspitze to Schartschrofen.

This part of the hike is still relatively easy.

On the Schartschrofen the via ferrata begins with a steeper descent.

We continue over the Yellow Forcella and the Red Flüh.

The via ferrata is very easy to walk on with ropes, iron hooks in the rock as a kick and artificial steps.

For the descent into the valley we choose the path via the Tannheimer Hütte to the Gimpelhaus.

The path now partly leads down in serpentines.

The bus, which stops in the middle of Nesselwängle, drives back to Grän to the valley station Füssener Jöchle Bergbahn.Tip of the author:This tour is also very suitable as a round tour.Safety information:It should be noted that in mountaineering there can be an increased risk of accident and injury.

Despite careful route planning, a basic risk always remains.

A tour preparation by endurance sports, appropriate technical training and advanced training as well as personal prudence reduces the risk of accidents and the risks, but please never forget that the weather in the mountains can change very quickly.

Equipment:Complete via ferrata equipment (via ferrata set, harness and helmet) is highly recommended even for experienced climbers! Personal mountaineering equipment must be safe, usable and meet the relevant technical standards.

Every hiker is recommended to inform himself in alpine literature or on site about the planned tours.

Further information and links: "http://www.tannheimertal.com/"Tourismusverband Tannheimer Tal "http://www.skitannheimertal.at/"Gondola lift Füssener Jöchle