Unique among all other runs.









Let’s face it, if you’re skiing Jackson Hole Mountain Resort you’re probably here for the Tram.

Rendezvous Bowl is the major run off the Tram is almost always worth it.

It’s the widest open slope on the mountain, and due to its high elevation has few trees.

There’s an “easiest way down” (right in the middle), but for the most part the Bowl is one consistent pitch.

Hang out in Corbet’s Cabin, grab a waffle, and enjoy the panoramic view from 10,450’.

When you’re done soaking in the views, click in and traverse skier’s right until you feel like dropping in.

This run is often wind buffed smooth, but can also be full of moguls.

Make sure the visibility is good or you may find yourself skiing through a bowl of milk.

Due to elevation and weather patterns, it can be sunny one minute and a complete white-out the next.

If you find yourself in the white, there are two options: Either take the tram back down, or if your ego won’t let you, stick to the skier’s left where there just enough trees to provide a bit of definition on the way down.

To access Corbet’s Couloir (even just to look) stay on the skier’s left side for a few hundred feet along the rope line until you see the signs and congregation of people.

Fun fact: The easiest way down is marked with signs on bamboo poles.

Locals will ski around these signs as if they were gates in a race developing a banked course nicknamed “The Wiggle.” If you feeling spry, try to ski The Wiggle from top to bottom!