This easy hike leads to a visually-stunning cascade with unique geologic formations.


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It’s tough to think of a better bang-for-your-buck hike than Nairn Falls.

This short hike poses no challenge, yet the setting of the trail feels wild and natural the entire way! The short approach to the waterfall runs along a mostly flat, well-benched singletrack trail that traverses the side of the steep river valley.

After undulating along the mostly-smooth path beneath a massive forest canopy, you’ll reach a short slickrock climb to gain the viewpoint of Nairn Falls. Unlike other waterfalls in the area that provide huge vertical falls, Nairn Falls is a tumultuous cascade over ledges and down a narrow rock canyon.

One of the defining features of the cascade is a sinkhole that allows water to flow under two expanses of rock.

Take a moment to read the sign that explains exactly how rivers can form these unique features, and marvel at the variety found in the natural world! When you visit, be sure to walk to all the various viewing platforms, as you can view the two-part cascade from multiple angles.

Each angle provides a unique view that will force you to simply stop, stare, and absorb the grandeur before you. To maximize your visit to Nairn Falls, consider camping in the adjacent campground.

While this provincial park is extremely popular, if you plan ahead and reserve your campsite in advance you can have easy access to one of the prettiest waterfalls in BC as long as you desire! In addition, this park is conveniently located between Pemberton and Whistler, putting you within striking distance of other amazing hikes in this section of the Sea to Sky corridor.