The longest piste in Sierra Nevada, more than 6km, that takes you from the top to the bottom of resort.









EL Águila (Eagle) is the longest piste in Sierra Nevada.

It goes from the upper point, Veleta, to the lowest point of the resort, the village Pradollano.

This run has many different parts offering all kinds of experiences: Steeper, open wide and narrow parts...

you can find everything here! It begins up at one of the highest skiing points in Spain - up to 3300m above the sea.

It runs against the easterly border of the resort, with Barranco de San Juan - the off piste zone.

Stop and have a look at the view, it is beautiful.

The view from this piste is magnificent! You can also see the Virgin of snow; a rock altar with the Virgin on top.

If it’s a clear day, you can see the city of Granada, the mountains of Malaga and later in the afternoon, the sunset.

Lovely! A negative in this area is that you won't have neither restaurants nor toilets and you will have to wait until you get to the bottom to get a beer.

At the bottom, after the Virgen de las Nieves chair lift, you can find many skiing opportunities in between piste zones with small tubes, jumps and funny paths and with no danger of getting lost.

It may take a long time to get up there; with the need to get a gondola, the Veleta chair and the Zayas T-bar, but the reward after a long ride across the resort in an uncrowded and very fun piste with lots of different parts, changes of rhythms, little jumps and beautiful views. Ramp: 1152 m Length: 6329 m Surface: 140073