A red run variant from Diagonal Cauchiles.









Named after the best Spanish male performance skier, who was a world slalom champion in 1972.

It is a variant from Diagonal Cauchiles which crosses Universiada and Ribera del Genil.

You can follow Universiada down to the village, or take Ribera del Genil to go up Stadium again.

This run is good when there is fresh snow.

All this area is very similar, it is a great mountain side, with beautiful views of the valley, the resort and Granada.

It has long exposure to the sun so there is normally good snow.

In spring it is icy in the morning with great cream from 11 to 13h and later on it gets more and more wet.

After a good snow fall, you will get many opportunities for skiing between pistes and you can find some fun jumps. Paco Fernández Ochoa is a piste that turns to in line with the hill. Ramp: 240 m Length: 954 m Surface: 42021 m2